My First Lesson

Beginners Moves in Modern Jive

Each dance style has it’s own core moves and Modern Jive is no different. The beginner’s lessons work on strict number of standard moves each week and the weeks will rotate until all the moves have been covered. In this way new dancers will gain in style and confidence. New dancers can start any week as the move rotate on a six to eight week course. A short freestyle period is given during the lesson to encourage dancers to practise


Nerves prior to my first visit to Just Jive were swiftly dispelled. Warmly welcomed by chief greeter Joan, I then found myself amid a friendly group of people of all ages. Some had been dancing for years; others were almost as new to Jive as I was. The common denominator however, was the obvious pleasure that everyone derived from the class.

Praise for teacher Paul, who demonstrates each step with partner Sonia, was effusive and extensive. It’s easy to see why. The lesson is well structured, accessible to all and with the steps succinctly explained and clearly demonstrated. There’s also plenty of laughter. A frequent changing of partner enables you to experience different levels of ability and expertise, as well as making the group incredibly sociable and the environment supportive.

Having learnt the steps it was time for freestyle, with the floor open to all. Everyone danced, incorporating the new steps into their bopping. The music is modern and easy on the ear, inspiring your feet to feel the beat.

Modern jive is a dance that can be performed by anyone of almost any fitness level. Although it looks impressive, when you break the steps down it is actually fairly simple, even for a two-left-feet merchant like myself, and so you feel like you’re achieving something and making speedy progress. Excellent value for money, while many other dance classes charge per term, at Just Jive you pay as you go, so you don’t end up paying for classes that you can’t attend.

I left at the end of the night feeling energised and exhilarated. Paul’s classes have a feel-good factor all of their own and I recommend Just Jive to absolutely anyone. Great fun, a great way to keep fit and with one of the most naturally gifted teachers I’ve ever come across leading the class, you’ll be tripping the light fantastic in no time.

Vicky Edwards, Spirit FM